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Sake keep John & Arthur back. One is quite enough & I have got their share of Germans & am still good for a mob yet. There are a lot of the boys get shell shock. I'm blowed if I can. When I was hit the shell was not three yds above me & I hit the ground like lightening. The force from the explosion is terrible. I was up quick & lively & found I was punctured in the thigh. Dont worry over my wound as it is not serious & I will have at least ten weeks spell.
I recieved all your letters & the snap shot of the stall.
Well there is a chance of us being home for Xmas, but dont build on it. By Jove Mum, the Schot Scotties are the boys. The Germans are terribly frightened of the Kilties & they can fight never retire & never take prisoners. Dont forget to keep this news to yourself. I dont know how Lloyd Davies got on he joined the 18th the last two days they were up there & was in the charge I expect It was his first time under fire & by jove it was rough.
Hoping you are all well Best wishes & love
Your loving Son

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