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We arrived at Alexandria, and disembarked some two hours later into a Red Cross train which the Egyptian Government fitted up free of charge in there own workshops and which they supply free of charge. Sister Scobie was on the train and looked after us well although she knew that her own brother Colonel Scobie was dangerously wounded and not expected to live. He afterwards died of wounds.
We were about five hours in the train, when we came to Heliopolis, and from there we were taken in cars around to the big Palace Hospital. It is a lovely big place with marble floors and pillars and contains nearly 1700 beds.
We only stayed there till the next afternoon and were then sent down to Luna Park Hospital where I am now. It was a pleasure gardens previous to the war and had lots of amusements just like our White City. There is a big dancing pavillion and a skating rink inside it, turned into hospitals

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