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[Page 447]

[On the letterhead of the YMCA "On Active Service with the British Expeditionary Force".]

My Darling Mother
I hope you have recieved my last seven or eight letters. You will be sorry to hear that I have been troubled with my tonsils the last five days. You remember the attack I had about five years ago This was just the same and lasted four days. You can imagine how pleased I was when it broke. What a relief I am very pleased to say it is all over now, and I feel tip top. I will be back with the Battalion within a few days. I am feeling first class.
I hope you are all well at home, and that Dorothy & Sid have settled down. Everything is going on Satisfactory over this way. It is now over three years since I joined. I did not think we would still be away. I expect there are plenty of 19th men returned to Australia.
Remember me kindly to all my friends.
I hope your leg is not troubling you at all Father.
Hoping you are all enjoying the best of health
Love & kisses
Your loving Son

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