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As I told you before I was reckoned the gamest in our lot, well now I as game as they make "em". The all reckon if they are picked to go with me, it is some ticklish job. They reckon I would do anything. All the same make no mistake I am very careful and seem to be made for the job of soldering. I don't think Rook Norman & Loyd will stand the life. It is rough.
I suppose when you recieve this it will be Christmas Day or close handy. I wish I was sharing in the dinner. At all events I wish you all a very merry Xmas & Happy New Year. Dont feel down because I am away I will be OK & arrive back safe & sound & then we will have a dinner eh What.
I have been thinking of your good old Sunday Dinner today. I had a nice letter from Aunt Florrie & one from Aunt Alice. How is Gwlad Wish her the compliments of the season Gwlad is a brick and a wife in a million. She will make another such mother as Our Dear Mother, and there is not a better or kinder mother ever lived in this world,
Surely this war will not last more than another six months Where the devil all the ammunition comes from I don't know They are flying in thousands.
I suppose there are few chaps about now. The way they are enlisting. We want some reinforcements. We have had the 1, 2 & 3rd reinforcements.
I have not heard of Dan since I came here. The time seems to pass very quickly. We had four days rain this week. It makes things awkward & it is also very muddy. Still everybody has to put up with it.
Give my Kind regards to all friends & also Compliments of the season & say I am well. Love to Helen
Hoping you are all well & enjoying best of health. Good bye for present
Your loving Son

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