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that, really I could not be better looked after in my own home, except for my own mother face at that they can't replace here. The Sisters and the Nurses and Doctor simply cant be beat. It took 7 Days to come from Malta (Hospital) to Southampton and then 6 hours in the train to here (Northfield)

I can write you good news in this that the English French Russians and Canadians are beating the German [dash] up in good old style. They have taken a tumble to the fact that they are beaten. They are hemmmed in on all sides, at the present time, in fact the Germans are getting an extra special brand of ELL bashed out of them. The Dardanelles will not reign long now There will be a clean sweep over there shortly

In another week or so I will be going to some Convalescent Home, where I will be able to draw my money and go any where as long as I am back for meals. Then when I leave

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