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[Page 166]

[Letter written on prisoner-of-war-camp letterhead. The individual pages of this two-page spread are not in chronological order. Transcribed as they should be read; see image for details.]
[Name] Harry Cicognani 106
[Coy.] Lager [Barrack] Lazaret
[Dulmen] 15 May 1917

Dear old Pards,

Just a line to you all hoping that you are in better straits etc than ordinary. I continue to pass away the months as a Gefangener & probably will keep doing so for another five years: Since last I wrote to you I have gone into a hospital to work. It got on my nerves hanging in the barb compound doing nothing so I undertook a job nigger driving Russians, Roumanian, & Serbian prisoners. It will stand me good for Fiji on my return to the South. They are not so clean as the niggers unfortunately & a good deal more obstinate, but then you know me & my ways; I usually win through.
Tell Mum not to worry about me, as I am well & pretty warm – the hot weather has commenced in a heap & now instead of snow each day we get a deluge of rain with heavy thunder.
The men you mentioned in your previous note – supposed here – I have never run across; possibly they are on working detachments throughout Germany. I had a letter

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