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Dearest Mother & Father,
Recieved your very welcome letters dated 3 September also several others. I am glad to hear you are all so well. Look Mum Dear you must not work too hard at these Red Cross affairs. Don't overdo yourself. It must be nothing else but concerts etc now Well I expect it will be all needed for a lot of the poor chaps. No mistake war is an awful thing and one could never realise how awful unless they go through one. Still dears do not worry over Tom as I will come through alright. Some must get hit and if it comes my way I will take it like a man or to make it plainer the same as Dear old Father would. I tell you honestly, you know how I love you all & would go through anything if any of you were insulted, well you have to come to such a place as this & recieve your dear letters to really know how much a son loves his parents & sister & Brother & what they are to them There is no one can write letters like my dear people. How I look forward to them Never mind Mum Dear & Father old boy try & be as cheerful as your son & you will not be worried so much. I have the name in C Company of being the most cheerful & as game as you make "em". I'll bet you if there was any very ticklish thing to be done such as go & take some gun or blow up a bridge the old Tom would be asked. And I do it without a murmur, the same as any of your sons would, and you would expect them too.

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