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Dearest Mother & Father,
A few lines to let you know I am well and in first class condition. I hope you are all well at home.
We have been lucky lately as the weather is still keeping fine. I hope it continues. I expect it will soon be getting cold. The crops are all cut in France, and if we are out of the trenches the boys go out and help get the crop in. So besides fighting we are helping them in France in many other ways.
We are going to give it the huns hot and strong before winter sets in. I expect we will have to stick the winter this year, but I think it will end by next winter. I hope so. We have more cannons and shells than them so keep your spirits up.
You should hear the roar of the cannons at present one continual noise. I can tell you I would not like to be on the Huns side. Before it is all over they will be very sorry they ever started.
Remember me to all friends. Kind regards and best wishes. Love
Your loving Son

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