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Army is covered by machine guns and closely watched day & night by the Germans, who are ready to fire on them, if they attempt to run away or turn at any time, because the Turks do not want to fight and if they can get half a chance they will squib it. The war will not last very long now, the big heads over here give Turkey 2 months and Germany 4 or 5 months. I was thinking in bed the other night of what you told me before I left, something about you being told I would be home on February 16th 1916 I hope it comes true. You need have no fears regarding me for you know what I told you before I left home that I will be alright beliebe believe me, you can bet your life on that. I always did turn up trumps at any time you know that.

In the first place I have have been in Aden port Suez. I have had different shifts across the Desserts of Egypt by train and saw some wonderful sight such as Old cities, Egyptian Villages, Citadels, Towns, Crossed the Nile, Pyramids, Sphinx, where Moses The part where Moses the great law giver was hidden Alexandria. Then on to the Islands of Embross, Mudross, and then to the peninsular of Gallipoli where I done my bit of fighting, last but not least Malta which is only 3 days sail from England. When I come back I will tell you some of the manners and customs of the

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