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No. 4378
Gun. Walter Anderson
2nd Battery
1st Brig. Field Artillery
Aus Imp E. Force

Dear Charley,

Your long looked for letter arrived today. I was highly pleased to hear from you.
When it reached me I didn't happen to be blazing away at the Turks landscape or the Turks themselves as you say, so had no need to carry out your suggestion. For a change I am in my dug-out having a spell, – I say having a spell, but I mean chasing flees all round the jolly place. – They bight bite like ants.

Everywhere and anywhere here there's an over abundance of the damn things. – it's very chatty. Never mind Charley old chap, it's the only bad company I have ever kept and you know of course it's impossible to keep out of.

We are living like rabbits now so we have to expect a few miscomforts. Though these dug-outs are much more comfortable than you might imagine, but naturally not as comfortable as

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