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much over 100 miles, we must have ridden over thousands of miles of desert during the time, as we have been constantly on the move all the time. It is marvellous to see the work that has been done. A railway has been built all along behind our advance & now connects with El Arish. Places that were nothing but desert when we first rode over them are now like towns, with a fine railway station & hundreds of troops, & great stacks of stores & fodder & thousands of Egyptian niggers working about. Romani is a fine example of this. When we first came there, there was absolutely nothing, but a few palms & dead men & horses (Yeomanry.) The Turks had attacked them the nig a day or two before.

Well about Christmas time I had to go into Kantara on the Canal & went by train from Bir-el-Abd, & would not have recognised Romani except for the name on the station platform. Of course the train brings us our

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