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Dearest Father Mother & Dear Dolly

Recieved your very welcome letter & was pleased to hear you are all well.
Well old Pals buck up as I am doing famously & improving every day. Dont worry a bit as there is absolutely no danger in the wound. It is not very painful, and if it was painful I am one that will stand it with the next.
Well I will be very pleased to recieve the Asparagus and other good things as I am longing for a good feed. I think they will be quite safe by the 19th funds, but that is the only way. Dont send anything any other way. No mistake they are rotters that take them while coming through the post. I had several letters to day and I tell you it is good to recieve them.
By jove I wish they would finish up here. They are proving pretty tough to shift. As long as they dont use the gas We are prepared for it.
How I could do some of those eggs. & some yorkshire pudding
My word they have put that little batch from Singleton out of action. Poor old Dan eh. Young Macauley is alright believe he has been a bit sick but nothing to speak off.
No time for those Majors etc, who resign. They show the yellow streak. Damn rotters. No mistake this is the place to find out what you are made of. You can better your last Bob I wont flinch not even if they tell me to take

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