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About half past five we heard a hell of a hullabaloo and were informed that it was the first brigade making an attack on the Johnny Turk at a place called Lone Pine so called because a solitary pine tree marke originally marked the spot. Since then the gunners of the artillery made short work of it.
The sun went down on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea with only three solitary destroyers and I think one hospital ship in sight. Just in the distance could be seen the Isle of Imbros in a sort of a fog. Its a funny thing but I cant recollect ever seeing that island in anything else but a haze. There is another island close to Imbros which I don't know the name of but which was in the same foggy condition.
At about eight o'clock we got our water bottles filled and also our issue of rum, for which we were devoutly thankful. Some time after eight o'clock

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