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Donga Trench
Saturday 4/9/15

Dearest Father, Mother & Little Sister,

I hope you recieved my last letter from the trench, also those presents I posted from Heliopolis.
Well everything is going quietly. I don't know how they are getting on, on the other side, as I have not heard since I left Sydney. We are doing good work at the Dardenelles. I am feeling well. We have just come back from the firing line for two days spell & I can tell you, Stan & I are enjoying our meals especially a cup of tea
I have not seen any of the chaps I know. I have a swim in the Ocean while we are resting.
How are you all at home quite well I hope. I am sorry to hear Mr Smith's death Give my sympathy to Bayer Spain & his wife, also tell them I am quite well
Mother I want you to make inquires about one of our boys wife He was killed & I know you will be able to have something done for her I believe she is in poor circumstances. Her name is Mrs S Mansfield & address is C/o Mr Maloney Renwick St Leichhardt. Also let Mrs Way know about her. It is a deserving case tell her

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