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not send them through the censor.
It is a shame to see all the cows & pigs & fowls walking about the fields & shells falling about them. When we first came up on this front we could see plenty of them but now they are nearly all killed. I will not say any more about this unpleasant subject Dear but I thought it might interest you as the papers do not know much only what the corresponden[ts] write about & they are not near enough to know what the war is like. They think they're at the war, so thats alright.
Well Dearest I wonder if you are going to swim again next year! If you do please do not forget me or what you promised me will you? I love you Dearly you do not know how much & it would break my heart to think you would do something or go anywhere that you know I would not like. Please remember me Violet Darling & never mind what any one else says because I love you Dearly & some day I want you to be my wife. I could never take to anyone else & when I come home & can get a very nice home for you I am sure you will not be sorry for waiting all these long years & months for me. Be true my Darling & you have my word that I will be the same. Tell your Dear Mother that I am looking forward to her letter so not to keep me long. Give my love to your mother & sister & kind regards to your Father. When I have a chance of getting a photo taken I will & send you home some.
I must bid you "Au Revoir now violet Darling & when I receive your next letter I'll write straight away. Fondest love & kisses from your Affte Lover Alfred.
19 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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