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some wires stretched across the track and one was just about the height of our neck. A little later on a voice called out "Pass the word for General Monash; there is a Greek prisoner here, and he says that the Turks have run out of ammunition and that we will get plenty of prisoners if we hurry up." I think it was only a gag because the bombardment they kept up that day was beat all records.
Just about five o'clock in the dim light of dawn we all got at the top of the a hill, when Lieutenant Jeffries told us to charge on to "that hill just below the star." We all looked and there was one solitary star and this hill just below it. You see there was a long ridge gradually getting and higher till it reached its topmost point right under this star, and we were told it was Hill 971, and we had to take it. The officer pulled out his revolver and says "Follow me boys"

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