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yet. There are quite a lot of Wogong boys at the front now. Young Wilton arrived there the day I left but I have heard nothing of him since. J. Hart was wounded and came over to Egypt with me. As this is not a military hospital not many of the boys come in and we don't hear much news.
I have had no letters from you for a couple of months now also Ruby's letters have gone astray too so you see I don't hear much of you. Did you get the F.B. cards I sent you from the front? Ruby was asking in one of her letters for a photo. I am enclosing one (of a kind) taken on my bed. I have nothing else. I had some good ones in my "kit bag" which was left here in Egypt when we went to Gallipoli, but that has gone; all I had when I arrived in Hospital was 1 boot one sock ΒΌ pair pants hat & tunic 1 puttee. you could'nt tell what I was till you had the second look. It will be a few weeks yet before my leg gets well and I stop a few more turks. The two marked with a cross are Australians the others are "tommies" well I think this is all the news long letter next time best love to all at home and yourself. I remain yours
Affect son Ted

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