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termed "indiscretion" on the part of the men (?) Cairo is a grossly immoral place and it has frequently made me disgusted to see the way Australians have let themselves loose there. A fair percentage are now paying the penalty.

I have not taken much interest in the historic sights round-a-bout. The fact is I have has practically no time to myself and have also been suffering from lack of funds. I did not make provision for an extended time in a camp and have in consequence found it very hard to rub along on my few shillings a week. Sad to say I have not been able to cash the (2) two money orders sent by Mrs. Larkin. However, we are nearly all in the same box and are mainly amused rather than distressed by our financial difficulties.

Weekly statement may be of interest:-
To Mess Funds 31 ½
Extra food (necessary) 20
Washing & Sundries 10
Bath – 2 weekly 10
Smokes &c. 7
Proportion of Monthly Mess subscription 6 ½
[Total] 85

By Weekly Allowance 85
[Total] 85

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