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Dearest Father Mother & Dear Dolly,
Recieved your very welcome letters last mail & was pleased to hear you were all well. I hope I recieve most of the parcels you have sent. It is very good of you all to think of them. I will appreciate them.
Well Dears the side is practically alright again. I am now instructing the company on grenade throwing and it will take me some time as I can only have a dozen a day. It is nice and easy. I am feeling as fit as ever otherwise. I had a bit of luck the other day. Allan Mac sent word for me to come & see him & I did so He gave me a tin of porridge 3 tins milk 1 tin arrowroot tin chicken tin pineapple packet biscuits 3 oranges cigarettes tobacco string of figs sugar & I have had a blow out since. It was very good of him. I told him you had recieved a card from him. He is looking tip top & is only 500 yds from me. He said he would give me odd little thing often, so I am going to do alright after all
Well things are going on about the same & we are having nice weather still & hope it continues.
No time to write more
Hoping you are all well
With all my love & kisses
Your loving Son

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