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side to come in yet, and if Bulgaria does start, they will be compelled to bog in to her (Greece & Roumania) The whole lot will be over shortly. Well mum old dear I will write to you every week which I have tried to do so far, and let you know how I am. I wrote a big long letter 9 pages to Charlie Macdonald which I know he will be interested in. That is if it passes trough the hands of our natural enemy the Censor. But I suppose he has to do his duty as well as we have. I will be as fast fat as a pig when I leave here.

When I come out of Hospital I will go to a Convalescent Hospital untill I am properly better then I go to the English Australian Base to get fitted out, down the South of England somewhere. Then least but not last I get about 14 days furlough to go where I like and stay with any friend that I care to, The only thing is that my headquarters want an address from me. I have about 200 places to go to. You know Mum when I say two hundred I mean this, that I have plenty

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