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In the Field

Dear Mrs Edmonds

A few days ago I received your letter of early October and today I got one of Aug 2nd while a week ago I saw your letter to our chaplain.
Jim was buried a mile S. of Messines and his name is on the cross which shows where he lies. His home and people were ever in his mind. Photos or letters from home made him again, in fancy, back in dear N.S.W. and when Billy, he and I sat together for a yarn war was forgotten, the future where we would be back in our land being too bright to worry over war.
Sitting tonight in my dug-out brings back our last letter-writing together when I sent Beryl or Ivy a field card, asking him to send all the news as I was tired – or lazy. He was then writing to you about July 7th he and I sharing the same dug-out.
He was always the first to volunteer for any job, arduous or risky. War has made him a much finer lad than even you can imagine, ever full of fun to buoy others up in rough times, but soberminded enough to see that they ran no unnecessary risks. Man never had a more cheery nor more reliant pal

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