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[On letterhead of the Church Army Recreation Hut "On Active Service with the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force".]
Oswald Castle


A happy New Year

Dear Arnty
I am just dropping a line before xmas to let you know that I am still alive and got a strong kick in me yet well for facts I can give you one we were playing the kit stores football on Satureday and we beat they by 35 to 5 (of which I scored twice) and when the game had finished we heard some of them say that we must have just come from Australia that we were to fresh to be here long but if they we out on the desert with us for a month or two they would have their backs broke so that tells you how fit I am now.
I have played in every game we have had even out on the desert we have only been beaten once as yet and that is the only time I did not score we are playing the Anzac Provost corp's next Satureday and it was them who beat us. I play wing ¾ a fast place but easy for me as I have gain a bit of speed since I got back from Malta.
Arnty did you get my letter telling you that I was put into the

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