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the troops started marching by from the next gully. They were all Tommies and had been all that day (Friday) in Shrapnel Gully and had only arrived on the night before. About half past nine they were all through and then the 13th Battalion went out after them, followed in close succession by the 14th 15th and then the 16th.
I forgot to mention that during the day we were all issued with three squares of white cloth to sew, one on each arm and the other on the back close to the right shoulder and we were all told a pass word which I cant recollect at present.
It was about ten o'clock when we got away or perhaps a little later and we started off on our march. No one was allowed load his rifle as we were going to surprise the enemy and you know surprise is one of the chief elements of success in military matters. We got down on the beach and turned to the north towards what is known as No 3 Outpost and

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