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those patriotic stock phrases and generally gaining notoriety.

Days are hot and windy lately, but nights always cool.

The first night I was in the base I (what soldiers' say) "came a flat one", which is a camouflaged way of mentioning the fact that one has had the misfortune to fall in for some work. My little job was a picquet till 4 a.m., and after a month of convalescent camp this is most certainly an example of coming a flat one.

However, breakfast and dinner combined next day, and am gradually becoming a soldier again.

I met a C.C.C. lad one day from Manly – J. D. Treharne. He is in the artillery and has been out since 1914.

Another humorous book I must recommend is "Shorty McCabe." (by Sewell Ford). It is similar to O. Henry's books, which are fine works of modern writings.

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