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same I am now pretty well out of the wood. Temperature normal, sleeping well, & eating like a horse.

We were at Suvla out Suvla Bay way when I got smacked. Perhaps it was just as well that I got it on the 25th as two days later we had our final stunt, before going into a rest camp at Lemnos island. The objective was a Turkish trench 30 yds away. The 13th Battalion advanced in 3 lines, & not a man got half way, every officer who took part was either killed or wounded so I was well out of it.

The 13th, arrived at Lemnos with 176 men, out of about 2000, as we had at least a 1000 reinforcement. There is hardly anyone of the original battalion left. I have received my second star, & am now a first lieutenant. I was a sort of fractional engineer for the 2nd Division just before the Suvla advance, making artillery roads, cutting saps &c.

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