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top. The last few days the have been bringing it up as quick as possible & we have about seven days supplies on top. Well all these things have to be contended with and I am one that will stand them. I am sure & feel certain that I am coming back without a scratch. I have got ever so much more used to the life that is the buzzing of bullets & shrapnel & the big guns going off.
I am very sorry to hear about Arthur having trouble with the Natives. Now mother Dear do not worry and believe in fate as I do. I would be very pleased if a lot of our chaps believed in it One thing I have the name from Officers & most in the company of being the coolest & gamest in the company.
I am sorry to say we lost Johnson one of our tent mates at Liverpool He was that quite chap I told you about He was shot through the head right alongside me It was bad luck. Old Mackay is wounded.
Will write again soon hoping you are all well Give my regards to all friends & Love to Helen.
With all my love
Your loving Son

I tip it to last about another 6 to 8 weeks here & then good bye Turkey

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