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Dear Jim,

Thanks very much for your extremely newsy letter of 15th Decr. and enclosures. It was especially pleasant to see "Bulletin" par and Hansard excerpt, that is, of course, from a vanity point of view. It is kindness indeed on your part to be taking such an interest in the little chaps. Teddy dearly loves the Pictures. Howard is hardly old enough but, like the great Pitt, "He'll grow out of that".

If I am to judge from the scanty news received here the Party is hardly as united as it should be. At this time one would imagine the public men would be of one mind; that all questions would be dealt with in the most happy spirit, and that as a result the best thing possible in the circumstances would ensue. But selfishness seems to be the main feature of some – a big some – politicians and it is only to be expected that they should try and glorify themselves even at a trying time like this irrespective of their party or in fact their country. The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde leader in the "D.T." is hardly fair to

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