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in the labor movement have been struggling for equal opportunity and recognition of merit in every sphere of existence and we cannot hope for either in the Military world under existing conditions.

I do not propose to go into detail on the mismanagement that is so apparent here, suffice it to say that there would be very few here if the men were free to leave or had anticipated how they were to be treated.

We have not the slightest idea as to our future movements. One minute rumor has it that we are to go to Suez Canal to stay the advance of the Turks, next minute we hear that we will be sent to France at an early date. We are anxious to get busy somewhere because it is on the dreary side here. Tramp, tramp tramp through the sand day after day. We are in good buckle; that is, most of us, and feel fit to do our share in whatever tough work is going. Of course sickness has visited us and I am sorry to have to admit that in many cases that sickness has been the result of what might mildly be

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