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and kept 1200 soldiers supplied with the ships intelligence. The Labor movement suffers from its inability to keep step with the soldiers motto "Sharp's the word and quick's the motion". That is so mainly because most of the Leaders (?) can think only in the Trades they have grown up in. The objective is ideal, but it can only be reached by the holy trinity of education, personality and unselfishness. The second is almost common enough, the other two are sadly lacking and I sometimes think they will remain so when I see, as you have seen I am sure, the brawling demagogues getting pride of place over the more intellectual but less leather-lunged adherent of the ideal.

I don't know why I struck off at this tangent except that I am annoyed to read that Lang and Hollis and others seem to be concerned only with sectional interests just now when there is so much to do for all. Their little minds can see only next polling day ahead. They do not, cannon realise that their supporters and, indeed,

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