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c/o The Staff
Detention Barracks
The Citadel

Dear Mr Spencer

This is the first time I have ever been in gaol, but in this case I happen to be in as a warder and not as a ward; in other words, I am a drill sergeant attached to the above building. You remember how we used to love the M.P.S. at Liverpool? Well that is my present rating – I am attached to the Military Provost Staff Corps of Egypt; though mind you it was not of my choosing. Six of us sergeants from 3 different companies were detailed for the job and we just had to take it, and the position is not so bad after all. Now that I have got used to it I rather like it, even though we have longer hours and only have leave once in four weeks. But then, who wants to leave in this hole. Cairo is like Sussex Street on a wet day.

First, how did we get to Cairo? Of course you know we left Sydney with a cargo of A & R's books on board, for which by the way I have to thank you, and after three days of jippy weather we had a level voyage right through to Port Suez where we disembarked. It took a devil of a while to get out of sight of Australia even though we touched at no ports and the experience has given me a better idea of the

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