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rations, a rifle, bayonet and web belt. My days rations were a tin of sardines!

When we got to the Citadel we found no one knew of the Superintendent, that as a matter of fact he had died before he'd been born. At last some genius suggested that there was a Detention Barracks in the Citadel owning an a Superintendent and we wondered what the hell we'd been up to. When we got there we found our job was to be drill sergeants for a lot of imprisoned soldiers. We are in rooms with a separate mess waited on by a Sudanese, and as we have the finest view of Cairo it is possible to get, well, why complain?

They say Egypt belongs to the British, but it's a mistake. The Australians own it. I believe when our first lot landed there wasn't a nigger game to walk on the foot-path and though they walk there now, none of them ever get in the way of the Australian Hes got them thoroughly bluffed! They hang on to the English soldiers like a limpets but if we yell "no!" at them, they say "all right Australia" and we have no

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