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they sent me out too Soon and I was back again in less than 4 days worse than ever then after 3 weeks they sent me to a convalescent camp in Cyprus. Cyprus is a beautiful place but very hot just near Egypt but the Camp is placed on the mountains 6000 ft above sea level Mt Troodos is overshowed by Mt Olympus which is 400 feet hight In the middle of the day it is quiet hot, but at night rather cold you generally want three blankets. Cyprus is noted for its wines, grapes are very cheap, but beef is beyond anything I have ever eaten I think I would rather eat wood than beef. The journey to Troodos is taken in motor cars from where we landed it is 34 miles once you get inland and begin the mountain climb there are 910 turns in the road, in the turns there is only enough room for the car to swing round, the driver has to make one mistake they a drop of some hundreds of feet straight drop

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