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the Home I will get Ten days leave to visit any friend that I know and I can stay with them for the 10 days. When I get this latter leave I will get all my pay (Back pay) I have about £8 to spend There is a girl comes to see me and she is going to arrange everything for my Holiday, So you see there are some good people and places in this old world. Now dear mum about you, I hope you are well and still the same old mum and I hope dad is the same

My word when the war is over wont I wish to get back home and if I dont make you and dad laugh, well I know it.

I have gone through some hardships and strife in my time, but this takes the bun. But with all the hard knocks and rough times I am glad that I came and am doing my bit. If the stay at homes only could realize what we are up against they would all come, in fact th the heads ought to brand them so they will always be known

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