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[Page 398]

[Continuation of letter from page 396.]
I wonder how much longer the war is going to last. Wonderful where all the money comes from. It can't last very much longer surely.

I have not recieved the parcel yet but am anxiously looking forward for it. My word it will be welcome. I am just longing for something nice to eat. No mistake we have to put up with hardships here. We have had no reinforcements for a long time. I know this when I get back I am going to have a good spell & plenty of good tucker. My word how would one of the good old evenings go now. There would no sandwiches left I can tell you.

Hope you pick some winners at Randwick. Would very much like to be there myself.
How is Bannister getting on. Have not heard from him yet. Get a good few from the girl in the shop. Did you do that message for me Dorothy. Don't forget.
Give my kind regards to all friends & tell them my fingers get to cold to write even if I had the paper.
How is the garden. I hope the chokos are on when I get back. One thing we can have a few bottles, & enjoy them. Even water is cut down at present to quarter rations. Oh well it is all in the game & I will manage to see it through.

Hoping you are all well.
With all my love
Your loving Son

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