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hell of a hullabaloo, which had us wondering, but which I afterwards found out was the gallant boys of the Light Horse having a charge. Towards one o'clock we got the order to fix bayonets and that put us all on the "qui vive". Some time after we heard yelling and cheering, and it turned out to be the Tommies who had preceded us.
About this time we came to No 3 Outpost and it was just like a little village. There were lights in all the dug outs right up to the top of the hill and in one place we could see a morse light winking furiously, but to whom they were speaking to I could never ascertain. This hill or No 3 Outpost as it was called came down to within about a hundred yards from the waters edge and a long trench ran down and connected up between the hill and the sea. It looked like that to me anyway in the dark, but it might have been different in the daytime.
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