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of troops but if I did most likely you would not receive this letter. If one can take any notice of rumour this is the last letter I shall write in Egypt for a while, we must move very soon now as our training is finished. The 1st F A Bde received great praise from General Owen. This general was in command of F A. Bde in the early part of the war and he gave us a very interesting lecture on the great retreat from Mons, this retreat lasted nineteen days their average sleep was about 2 ½ hours a day.

Old Tommy is in great fettle worth no end of money to me, he is a magnificent horse on parade know all the words of command goes 10 hrs proper place without guiding him, the most essential thing of all is that he will march in a straight line. I having been trying since I have been here to get another horse, I have had three now but none of them suite me. I got one last week from the reinforcements

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