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been there a long time now, and has done his share of fighting. He was wounded on August the 6th, but not very searious, I don't know what base he has gone to, but where ever he goes he will be treated well.
I sent Ruby a postcard but I don't know whether she got it or not. I suppose she thinks it rather funny me not wrighting to her but over here it is so hard to find anything to write with.
It is all right to see our big gun boats shelling the Turks, big clods of dirt and Turks go flying for yards up in the air, and our men on shore are giving them some hurry up too, they fairly dread the Australians to get close to them, they know what they are on if they do.
Tell Sam to tell some of the men from Mt Lyell about me being wounded, that's if it was not published in the papers it will be in amongst the 13th Battalion, lot if it was published.
Malta is a very nice place for the wounded soldiers to have a good spell, there is plenty of swimming and fishing and nice places

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