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G.P. sent never came to hand it seems to be of no use sending such things somebody else only gets them that's 3 lots sent & never a sign of one.

I struck Smith the chemist chap, sometime back he wished to be remembered to Dad. Dad used to call him some nick name but I just forget what now. Have also seen G. Palmer, & Leathly, they are O.K.

John Willie is large as life their is some talk of them going away for a spell they have had it very solid

we have 2 mails out weekly Monday & Friday but only get an occasional one in, all out are passed by censor so am not allowed to give any particulars [indecipherable – obscured by censor's deletion on next page] rumours about us going back for the horses but that's as far as it goes.

We get an issue of tobacco & cigarettes pretty well every week some of the chaps have lost their pipes & I have heard of a chap paying as much as 2 sov's cash for a pipe from another chap so a stock of pipes would bring good money I guess.

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