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Northern Territory the natives wear short skirts & are less amenable to the advances of the Salvation Army. Their houses are very similar to ours except in that the Sun is so seldom seen they have no use for verandahs. Indeed so valued are the scarce visits of His Majesty, the inhabitants used once to worship his appearance at a place called Stonehenge. So rapidly did this evil practice spread, an army headed by General Booth and accompanied by Bands of terrifying discords became necessary to cope with it. Most of the natives now worship the 'Pubs'. Joking aside however the Birmingham people are wondrously kind and all soldiers receive a great welcome. Even the scapegoats of the British Army (and that's us) are made happy here. My relations in Chetenham asked some of their Birmingham friends to visit me and as I am now convalescent I very often return the visit. They have a nice daughter.

Of course you know I have regained my previous rank of Sergt. and as I have not troubled to touch the pay I am in possession of a good credit for my furlough.

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