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made things pretty lively. The Turks must have had the exact range for they would start at one end of the gully down near the water's edge and go right along to the head of the gully and then repeat the operation. This is what is commonly known as "searching" the and they surely do "search".
Some of the boys were playing "two up" in fact a good few of them and they did curse some when the closeness of the shrapnel would force them to abandon the game. At about tea time we were issued out with extra ammunition making a total of 275 rounds, and in addition to that we had two days supply of "bully" beef and biscuits. I got lured into the job of bomb thrower and also had three bombs and a fire stick to light the bombs before they were thrown.
We were confidentially told by our section leader that things would be pretty warm that night and that very few would come out on top. Very reassuring wasnt it?

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