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"Y" Ward.
3rd London General Hospital
London S.W.

Dear Snowy,

I managed to stop one at last, after a good many close shaves. I was hit in the groin on August the 25th. I had a heavy dinner fork in the pocket of my tunic, the bullet glanced off the handle & after making a gaping wound 3 inches square it travelled right across the stomach, finally lodging in the right thigh.
I was operated on at the ambulance station & then removed to the clearing station.
There I had a heavy hemorrhage, was opened up again, & re-operated on. All this little lot within 5 hours. Next morning I was taken on board a hospital ship, & eventually arrived in Alexandria where I stayed five weeks in hospital.

The surgeons only gave me a bare fighting chance of a recovery, but I was in great condition all the 18 weeks that I was on the Peninsula, & that pulled me through.

Current Status: