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staggered up again, but my left leg wouldn't support me, but I used my rifle as a crutch and started to hobble back again.
I don't know how I ever got out of that valley alive but I did and then I met two of our chaps who were wounded, behind a bush. One volunteered to bandage my leg wh from which the blood was oozing out and the other one loaded my rifle. I stayed with them all day and they shared their water with me as I had none, and we just sniped Turks in between whiles times.
After dark, some stretcher bearers found us and got us down to the dressing station, and from there we got out to the hospital ship Delta, and we were taken over to Imbros where we were told we would have to disembark, but we stayed till the Sunday morning and found out that it was full up, so we shoved of then to Lemnos.
There were eleven hundred cases on board and ninety percent were wounded. The other 10 percent

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