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After 5 weeks in Cyprus I asked to be sent home or back to Alexandria well now they have sent me to a convalescent home a magnificent private residence, the lady in charge is the mistress of the house every thing is of the very best beautifully situated near the sea about 2 miles out of Alexandria.

Terry has gone across to the Dardanelles has been there now for some time and is doing well I am sorry to say I can't give you any definite news except that he is quiet well of course in Artillery we are pretty safe if we take ordinary measures of safety. So far our casualties have been very few.

I hope Mrs Garling & Pat are in the best of health and I will write to Pat as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely
Eric Lenehan

[Written sideways, in the left-hand margin of the page:]
P.S. I am glad to see there is some good news from Gallipoli this morning that we have got right across & are cutting off the Turks communications and supplies. The best news we have had yet

[Transcribed by Peter Craswell, Barbara Manchester, Lynne Palmer, Lyn Williams for the State Library of New South Wales. Biographical notes by Barbara Manchester]

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