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Everything was black for a long time and then they started to get clearer and I thought a 15 inch shell from Queen Lizzie hit me. I cautiously felt my right side and cut my finger on my water bottle which was blown to bits but strange to say the strap which held the bottle in place wasn't hurt although it was powder blackened. I felt up and down my leg and could only get a little blood so I stood up and found out I was all right.
Just then above the roar of the battle I heard a curious humming sound and on looking up found it to be from two aeroplanes. One was a German Taube, and the other plane was our own, in close pursuit of the Taube. All around the two were white puffs of smoke from the anti aircraft guns of the Turks and once I saw the pursing plane rock fiercely for a minute or two and then regain its balance. I thought it was all up with our chap then but he was allright. In less than five minutes they were both over the

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