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My dear Aunty
I received your very welcome letter am glad to hear you are well. I am sending you a little Christmas card hoping you will like it am also sending you in this letter two photos of an old fort at a place called Aboukir (Egypt). Some more to your collection. I am trying to get a set of photos from Galipoli to send you.
I am still stuck in Egypt doing nothing but not for long now thank goodness they are sending some men away to relieve the rest of my company at the front.
I told you in my last letter about the D.C.M. in our coy. only a young fellow too he has just rejoined us with about a dozen more they looked worn out too they were there just six months and it is not too hot there either it is getting very cold here now have to put an extra blanket on now. it is too hot in the day and too cold in the night so you see what we have to put up with without getting sick it is no use getting sick here just as well too there are

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