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expose us and then would would all go down on our stomachs, while a volley of shots would go over our head. Above it all would come the sharp insistent rat a tat of the machine gun, and the occasional humming of a spent bullet.
At one time the searchlight showed us up, and we precipatately ducked and laid down on some awful prickly bushes, and l also got someone's heel in my face. We were more concerned then over the prickly's than the bullets which again came whizzing over our head.
Towards where we were marching a sort of promotory ran out called by some Ari Burnu, but better known as Cape Suvla or Suvla Bay and here I found out from one of the sergeants while we were laying down that there was a big force of Tommies landing, and that we were going out to distract the Turks attention from them.
About twelve o'clock, there was another

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