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gun out of action and killing him instantaneously.
needless to say. the few of us that were not hurt. prevented the enemy reaching our trenches and Jim's body was laid to rest in one of our own cemeteries. I don am not sure if it can be arranged but if possible I will get a photo of the grave and forward same to you.

Your son was always a good clean living man. and a Soldier always carrying out his duties faithfully and conscientiously. Such men we can ill afford to lose and are a not only a loss to their relatives and friends but to the nation as a whole. I think Billy Watson arranged with the padre. to send Jim's personal effects to you and no doubt you would have them ere this reaches you

I have been promoted to Sgt since then and was wounded myself on Oct. 3rd and don't know how Billy or any of the others have fared. but trust they are alright. I am quite well now again am going back to the Batt. in a day or so. Again expressing my deepest sympathy in your sad bereavment. as you know there is always One Who watches over us and His will be done.

Trusting all are quite well.
Yours in Sympathy
Arthur J. Gardiner.

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