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they themselves should manfully accept their share of the hardships that are necessarily associated with the present deplorable circumstances. Surely they don't expect that we who have given up – I trust only temporarily – our own comfortable homes and all that we hold dear and stepped into the firing line are the only ones to make sacrifices. It is true all have not the physique or stamina to go on service, but all can at least cheerfully accept the altered position into which the war has placed the country. Public men should point the way. The rotters who are thinking only of themselves now will, I hope, be properly summed up by the public when "the day" arrives.

Since writing the foregoing a strict censorship has been again imposed on our correspondence and I am afraid this may never reach you. It is simply annoying to think that one cannot be sure of his letters being delivered. It is said that some thousands of letters have been burnt and that about three hundred thousand

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