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Dearest Mother Father & Dear Doss
I recieved all your letter and the rubber coat parcel also other parcels cigarettes etc. in fact we are getting all the parcels through the 19 Comforts Fund The only thing they take a good time to get here. On account of the evacuation they kept all our mails over on this side for a month before we left I recieved quite a nice parcel of goods from Aunt Florries and no less than seven letters in four weeks. The letters are all so nicely written and kind. I write twice a week to Aunt Florrie. I also recieved Mrs Aldritt's parcels. I can tell you we are having a great time for our christmas.
Well my wound has quite healed up and I am myself again and the only think left is the scars on my side & arm. I cannot tell you anything about the evacuation yet but will give you a full account later. Now the wound is alright it does not matter, but at the time & for a couple of weeks it gave me the devil.
Never send any money, as I can get all I want. There is no need for worry while we are here as it is like the old Liverpool days. We drill all day How long it is going to last I don't know, but hope it is for a long time. We are a couple of hours ride from Cairo, but leave is scarce as only 2 % get it

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