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Dear Father Mother & Little Sister

Recieved your three letters dated 23 August yesterday. Was very pleased to hear that you are all well. I also recieved a pair of socks as did Stanley. They came by the comforts fund, and it is quite safe sending anything through it. It takes a little longer to get here but it is sure. The fund also sent along some articles. There were only a few so we had to draw for them. I was unlucky. Still they sent some rolled oats and there was enough for breakfast also condensed milk. Well I enjoyed it better than anything I remember It was so nice it was a pity to eat it. I hope some more comes along soon. The boys are all very thankful for them, and they will be looking out for the next lot.
Well a little about myself. I am quite well, and feeling as fit as a fiddle. We have been here just on seven weeks, and by the time the next seven have passed I expect we will be entitled to a holiday. We will all be very pleased when the time comes. We have been very lucky so far with rain. Only one night and another time a half a day. It was quite miserable enough though to make us wish that we do not get anymore. The hills are so steep to climb that I don't know how we will manage to get our supplies to the

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